purchasing and downloads

How does purchasing work?

Once you’ve found the sound collection that you like, click on the purchase button and you’ll be taken to our paypal site. If you don’t have or don’t want to use a paypal account you can just input your credit card and click the “review and continue” button.

Once your card has been cleared our delivery system will generate a unique download link and send it to your email account. This link will expire after a few days and 3 download attempts.

Click the link to download the file, then extract the sounds to your hard drive. Kontakt instruments are set with relative paths so you should not have to relink when you open the instruments. Once they’re extracted, experiment and have fun!

Do you keep my credit card info?

No. Your credit card is handled by paypal, so we never see or have access to it.

I represent a production company. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses?

If you are working with 3 or fewer chairs then one license will cover your facility. If you need more than 3 designers or musicians to access the collection then contact us and we’ll work out package pricing for your facility.


about the collections

How is a Full Collection different from a Limited Collection?

Each Full Collection includes a fully metadata tagged set of high res wav files – 24 bit and either 96 or 192kHz. Metadata is implemented via soundminer and is also present in the bwav header of the files for cross-platform compatibility. Our collections are usually arranged with a single type of performance and mic angle iterated multiple times within a single file. Full collections also contain unlocked Kontakt instrument presets to get you started performing and manipulating the sounds.

Each limited collection includes a fully metadata tagged set of CD quality wav files at 16 bits and 44kHz. The metadata and tagging methodology is the same as the full collections, and all sounds from the full collection are included. Limited collections do not come with Kontakt instrument presets.

How do I deal with this .rar file?

.rar is a compression format similar to .zip. check out our opening a .rar file page for a detailed look at how to open them correctly.


Why Kontakt?

Kontakt is currently the industry standard sampler both in the music production and sound design worlds. We feel that offering Kontakt instrument presets adds value and versatility to the collections above what just the recordings and metadata offer.

How do you approach the Kontakt instrument presets?

We often create a master instrument of a given sound that contains all of the most interesting one-offs arranged across the keyboard, which gives the user a fast and comprehensive sound palette from the beginning. After that we’ll create some more heavily designed presets that bend and twist the sounds out into different forms. We don’t tend to sample instruments out in the traditional sample library sense (every note individually played at varying velocity, etc) but that’s often because we’re exploring old or broken things that may not conform so easily to that paradigm.

What version of Kontakt do I need for the instruments?

Kontakt instruments require the full retail version of NI Kontakt.  Newer libraries are built using features in newer Kontakt releases, so check the EULA and system requirements for each collection to find out the required version.  The free Kontakt player does not support these libraries.

What if I don’t have Kontakt?

Kontakt is required to use the presets we’ve designed for each sample set, but if you’re on a budget or want to use a different sampler keep in mind that the sound files are completely unlocked and accessible. You can load them into soundminer or into a different sampler to use in whatever context you’re the most comfortable.

We don’t plan to release instruments in other formats, since Kontakt is the dominant market at the moment. We’ll keep our eyes on other samplers as they evolve, but for now Kontakt is the standard.