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Analog Interface


  • 10 gigs of audio
  • over 2 hours 15 minutes of elements
  • over 55 minutes of designed sound
  • 853 total files at 24 bit 96k
  • Entirely created from analog synthesizers and physical objects
    • Arturia Microbrute
    • Moog Semimodular rack
    • Moog Mother32
    • Moog Prodigy
    • Behringer Odyssey
    • physical servos and switches
    • Yamaha CS5
    • EMF recordings
  • Fully filled UCS metadata
Simple Demo
Complex Demo
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Analog Interface is a powerful and diverse custom UI sound effects library made by recording, performing and manipulating outboard analog subtractive synthesizers and physical hardware. Hand crafted synthesis performances recorded at 96khz provide a rich pallet of sonic elements which are then designed further into complex, expressive and wildly useful sounds for sci-fi sound design, UI, motion graphic sound design, heads up display, text on screen and beyond. This library covers everything from the cleanest and simple UI selects to the grittiest of glitchy textures of sci-fi telemetry.

The elements are raw yet curated analog performances and textures that provide an endless sonic playground of building blocks for sound designers to craft into original manifestations.  By design the instruments selected for this library project were mono subtractive synths of old and new to perform and collect patches in rich and simple states. Each synth selected provide their own aesthetic and character that culminate into a one of a kind sonic signature. The use of purely analog synthesis creates unique sounds that cannot be replicated exactly the same way twice. The slight variations in the components and the environment used can affect the produced sonic character, creating an intangible magic impossible to achieve with software alone. Complimenting the synths are collections of custom EMF recordings, servos and mechanical switches, breaking the third wall from within the machine to the physical world.

The designed sounds are the combined works of four career sound designers at Dallas Audio Post. The analog elements were layered, morphed, programmed and re-contextualized in both meticulous hand crafted methods and complex parameter randomization processes. The combined results are a collection of beautiful, compelling and engaging sounds that we believe are extremely needed in the modern sound design ecosphere. 

Complimenting the vast UI collection are analog transitions designed for use of motion, doppler effects and signify a sample of future libraries in the making.

The end result is a sound effects library that’s not only incredibly versatile but also highly creative.