Arrow Barrage – Drops and Impacts


  • 176 elements files (880 unique performances)
  • 86 designed files (430 unique renders)
  • over 18 minutes of elements performances
  • over 26 minutes of designed renders
  • 24 bit 96kHz
  • soundminer and bwav metadata
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Drops and Impacts is a collection of 880 clean, punchy arrow impacts on a variety of surfaces.  Most impacts were created with a short, chopping axes, though a special subsection of genuine impacts was recorded at an indoor archery range with varying bow and target types.  The result is a wide variety of clean, tight and punchy arrow style impacts, shaft drops, and debris spills that can be used in a variety of contexts.

In addition to the individual elements, more than 430 sound particles renders of varying groups and densities of all of these elements is included – both in groups separated by props, and in all-inclusive groups with ALL of the textures included.

drops and impacts