Arrow Barrage – Stresses Releases and Twangs


  • 176 elements files (880 unique performances)
  • over 38 minutes of elements sound with hundreds of iterations
  • 86 designed files (430 unique renders)
  • over 38 minutes of elements performances
  • over 34 minutes of designed renders
  • 24 bit 96kHz
  • soundminer and bwav metadata
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Stresses, releases and twangs is a tome of over 500 individual performances.   Stress and release props included well-worn baseball and hockey gloves, bead mats, plastic cable, paper, rope and twine.  This collection is paired with recordings of over 400 individual bow, bungee, belt, cloth, leather and rope twangs.

In addition to the individual elements, more than 475 sound particles renders of varying groups and densities of all of these elements is included – both in groups separated by props, and in all-inclusive groups with ALL of the textures included.