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  • 12.3 Gigs of sound
  • Over 46 minutes of highly designed sounds
  • Over 1hr 37 minutes of curated elements
  • Spells, poofs, portals, energy blasts, fireballs, freezes and more
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Conjure new sounds to enchant your stories.

The “Conjure” library didn’t just appear out of thin air.

Custom recordings lay the foundation, with organic textures like crinkled packing wrap, shaker instruments, singing bowls, and cloth bursts painstakingly captured with a beautiful Schoeps MS rig.

But it’s the team’s curatory skills that separate Conjure.

These raw source ingredients were carefully layered, processed, and combined to conjure over 300 supernatural sound constructions. Lightning blasts crackle with visceral power. Mystic impacts detonate in resonant clouds. Background ambiences slither with indecipherable spirit voices.

From elemental bombasts to delicate bell sparkles, Conjure embraces a handcrafted, organic aesthetic.

Let Conjure ignite your next project with sonic sorcery into fantastical worlds, supernatural portals, arcane explorations and more.

Conjure contains both a Designed collection and an Elements collection for maximum flexibility and usability.

For the full story, check out the interview on Tonebenders.


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