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Hospital Ambiences


  • MS stereo or Double MS quad decoded files
  • soundminer and bwav metadata tags
  • photography
  • up to 9 GB of sound
  • 103 minutes of sound
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Hospitals are singular environments.

There is rarely music playing, and the mood can range from sober to upbeat depending on what floor you’re on and what’s happening around you.

Access to hospitals can be tricky. Credentials are required, and different rules must be followed for every step one takes deeper into the building. Its not as simple as just grabbing a rig and walking in the front door.

Our hospital ambiences were recorded during one extensive day long shoot where we were granted access to one of the nation’s top medical campuses. There are surprisingly few “hospital machines” making beeping noises at any given location within the building, which gives these sounds the flexibility to be used in any large institutional building. Many public and not so public locations in and around the campus were covered, including:

  • exterior traffic with a helicopter taking off
  • large 3 story lobby area
  • multiple nurse’s stations
  • the family waiting room
  • the cafeteria
  • the pathology lab
  • an operating room prep

Each location was recorded in MS with the classic Schoeps CMC6 and 8 microphones in double MS.

The end result is an immersive set of recordings that show off the reality of what a hospital really does sound like. Pick up a copy and cover your hospital scenes the right way.

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