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Junkyard Destruction


  • 10 gigs of audio
  • Discreet mic perspectives
    • PZM at the corners of the crusher
    • stunt PZM dead center
    • Microtech Gefell M930s in ortf
    • Line Audio CM3s in ortf
    • Sennheiser 416
  • ​​​​​​​Phase aligned mastered composite tracks
  • 180 bonus sound particles renders in batches of 10
  • Fully filled UCS metadata
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Junkyard Destruction is a unique library of vehicle destruction that is perfect for all of your mayhem needs.

We had a full day of all-access recording at a local junkyard.  With 5 mic arrays set up, we crushed, tossed and threw rocks and stuff at a few dozen cars.

The result was a collection of complex, crunchy and 100% authentic vehicle crashes and impacts that have use far beyond their original context.  The stars of the show are the high impact metal, glass and plastic debris, and the easter eggs are the forklift revs, small rock impacts, and genuine junkyard ambiences included in the pack.

Every drop and crush is delivered with carefully time aligned and mastered mic arrays both split out and mastered together.

In addition to the mic splits and mastered recordings, we’ve also generated dozens of deigned wrecks, impacts, debris fields and rock scatters with sound particles.  All presented with perfect UCS metadata and ready to drop straight in to your next disaster.