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  • more than 1700 elements files
  • 192 kHz source recordings
  • 500 heavily designed sounds
  • 96kHz designed collection
  • 2 full kontakt instruments (full version of Kontakt 5.5 required)
  • soundminer and bwav metadata
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Lockdown is a performable Kontakt instrument and sound effects library designed to create a variety of simple or complex lockdown mechanism sounds with a wide array of different latches and impacts.

We brought in dozens of props big and small to generate a massive array of source material recorded at 24 bit 192kHz. These included cameras, carabiners, wrenches, rack cases, knives, canopeners, tongs, crimpers, solder suckers, file cabinet doors, vehicle doors and servos and much more – all with multiple unique performances per set.

Great care was taken to record each performance with the highest sonic quality and detail.  We chose a pair of MKH50s in XY as our primary setup, creating a big, clean stereo image on every sound.

Lockdown is divided into 2 parts: elements and designed.

The elements collection has all of the source recordings in their unaltered states. Each sound is edited, cleaned, volume matched and carefully metadata tagged.

The designed collection uses samples based on the elements recordings that have been transformed into entirely new and different sounds using heavy processing and layering. It was created to produce interesting design and transition sounds quickly and easily.  Lockdown includes over 500 fully lockdowns of all sizes and scales.

In addition to the carefully recorded sounds we have created a pair of truly useful and flexible kontakt instrument.

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