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Motion Textures


  • 24 bit 96k metadata tagged wav files
  • 92 unique original samples
  • 92 smoothed samples
  • 25 Kontakt unlocked design .nki files
  • 22 Kontakt unlocked raw texture .nki files
  • .nki files require full version of NI Kontakt 4 or higher
  • photographs and video stills
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Motion textures is a broad library with a narrow purpose.

This is a design package built for drawing sonic lines and creating gently moving sonic textures. The concept is that consistent sound of friction will translate well to visual design elements that have CG and text movement on screen.

We recorded the friction sounds of dozens of small to medium sized props in constant motion. Major categories include metal, plastic, cloth, wood and skin. Some of the most interesting sounds came from the props that had small cavities such as the spray can lid and the water bottle. The constant changing of the cavity state relative to the mics creates strange vocal sounds.

Once the sounds were recorded we employed a proprietary smoothing process as a second pass to the sounds and provided them in addition to the original textures. These smoothed out sounds still have the organic quality of the original recordings, but with far fewer transient events. The end result are sounds that feel straighter than the more circular sounding original textures.

Inside of the Kontakt instruments we stacked layers and effects to create a broad base of deep and interesting textures. Many of the kontakt presets mangle the sounds far beyond recognition of the original recordings.

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