• 24 bit 44k unlocked wav files
  • 17 unique drum kits
  • 60+ Kontakt fully programmed unlocked .nki files
  • .nki files require full version of NI Kontakt 5.5 or higher

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ORION is a fully featured drum set and step sequencer built for Native Instruments Kontakt.

In addition to the sequencer, ORION contains over 800 unlocked one shot percussion sounds. These are arranged into 17 future-retro inspired drum kits created from custom-sampled and processed classic analog synths and drum machines, cutting edge DSP-manipulated acoustic recordings, even a kit built entirely from processed vinyl pops and clicks. This includes three artist signature kits created by top producers Vital, Phrakture, and Timecop 1983.

The ORION instrument allows fast, easy, and intuitive sequencing of the drum library using a unique dual-view sequencer: Step View mimics the sequencing style of classic drum machines focusing on one drum sound at a time, while Grid View shows the entire pattern, inspired by modern software and grid-controller hardware.

Delve deeper with the advanced step modulation sequencer for per-note control of every parameter of every sound on every beat.  Sequenceable send effects include programmable reverb and delay.

Add grit and glue to the beat with the insert effect module, delivering tape saturation, compression and a selection of custom tape hiss and vinyl noise floor recordings.

For full details check out the user guide, then pick up the complete instrument below.