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Pro Hockey Ambiences-full


  • 24 bit, 96kHz quadraphonic split wav files
  • soundminer and bwav metadata tags
  • photography
  • Over 17 Gigabytes of sound
  • more than 4 hours of recordings
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Hockey crowds are different from other pro sporting crowds.

The NHL mandates that the music has to stop during play, which leaves every gasp, oh, and cheer free and clear of PA induced pollution.
This wrinkle in the rules of play means that pro hockey games are the ideal setting for recording arena crowds for any situation.

Our hockey crowds were recorded over the course of an NHL season and were done with unprecedented access. Entire games were recorded from various locations including:

  • on the camera platform
  • in the upper level seats
  • in the hallway
  • outside the doors pre and post game
  • in the platinum level bar
  • under the bleachers
  • from the top of the penalty boxes

Each location was recorded in beautiful dual ORTF or double MS quad.

The end result is an immersive sound set that has been carefully edited and fully tagged with metadata. Finding the elements you need is simple and direct.

Check out the full backstory of this library over at designingsound.org and then pick this library up to cover your arena crowd needs in style.

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