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  • 24 bit 96k metadata tagged wav files
  • 93 unique recordings with hundreds of individual sounds
  • 1.8 Gb of sound
  • 1 really cool Kontakt unlocked .nki file
  • .nki files require full version of NI Kontakt 4 or higher
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Squelch is a full featured interactive radio instrument and sound effects library.

The Squelch sound library is a collection of 6 radios, walkie talkies, and CBs recorded both through the speakers and in some cases through the line outs.  Each device served up a broad palette of static, beeps,  clicks, squelches, and random idle chatter.

The Kontakt instrument is a unique performable radio device designed for experimentation and discovery of the broad palette of sounds.  It also includes a classic spring reverb unit with a custom interface created from a Pioneer SR202W.  See the Kontakt interface here.

These authentic radio recordings are useful in sound design/film applications and can be twisted out into musical and sound design effects.

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