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  • 110 files
  • 700+ performances
  • 3.75 Gb of sound
  • 24 bit / 96 Khz
  • fully filled UCS metadata
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Surge is not your typical water sound library.

These are not splashes, sprinkles, splatters, or swimmers sloshing around.

These are beautifully textured, powerful liquid propulsion sounds created to drench, soak, and saturate your projects with a different level of aquatic force. Its about momentum, energy and power – driving forces both over and under the water.

The elements of Surge were beautifully recorded with high end mics both above and below the water’s surface. A variety of beautiful swirls, pressurized blasts, gurgles, propeller flutters and passbys form the foundation of this collection.

From that source, the team designed massive water bursts, ghostly ship trails, heavy whirlpools, deep water implosions, submersions, dopplers and spray fields.  This is a collection of highly designed sounds that are perfect for underwater ships, creatures, projectiles, and hydrated environments.

Check out the demo, then add a surge of water pressure to your toolkit.